We are often asked the ultimate small business website design question… Can you make a CMS template look and feel like our business brand or do we select one similar to our company and go with that.
The answer is twofold and a bit of both.

CMS website designs need to be able to showcase a brand with ease and your website template of choice will have certain template limitations but should never be the deciding factor forcing you to change your brand to meet your websites template limitations.

It’s very important to decide what key area’s make up your brand and weather your template of choice offers easy capabilities to meet those needs.

These are a few questions to consider when choosing your template design:

  • Do you have a logo for your business, and can it be incorporated clearly in your template and displayed in a manner to clearly showcase your brand?
  • Can you adjust the templates colours to match your business brands colours?
  • Is there space to add your business details in a clearly displayed footer area to allow clients easy access to your contact details?

Many CMS website template designs offer template building blocks and frameworks like Gantry, with very specific methods and easy customer friendly layouts to quickly modify the key branding points as mentioned above.

At the end of the day, a website design company like ours offers you clear branding capabilities to meet all your branding needs. We manage your branding, online website and SEO Marketing needs with ease.