Obey the law

  • By complying in all areas with the laws and regulations in all countries where we are active.
  • By applying the international conventions relating to the fight against public corruption, protection of workers, the ban on forced work and the work done by children.
  • By avoiding any act or omission that is illegal and exposes us to criminal or civil liability.
  • By avoiding any transaction that may be illicit, illegal or irregular.

Be fair

  • By supporting fair global practices which are critical to promoting free trade and enterprise.
  • In our dealings with all our stakeholders and prohibit the solicitation and acceptance of direct or indirect gifts of a significant value.
  • By not contributing PTH’s resources to any particular political party or subscribing to any particular political views.
  • By avoiding any situation in which your independent business judgement might appear to be compromised.

Be honest and ethical

  • By providing all our stakeholders with transparent and appropriate information and accurately recording our activities.
  • By applying the universally accepted principles of honesty and integrity in order to safeguard our reputation and relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • By not stealing or unlawfully using information, materials, products or the intellectual property of others.

Respect Others

  • We do not discriminate, for any reason whatsoever.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and complete respect.
  • We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment by following safe work procedures and practices.

Protect the Environment

  • We continuously improve our facilities and operations to ensure the protection of the environment.
  • We endeavour to research and implement innovative solutions to protect the environment.
  • We engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.
  • We handle hazardous waste according to applicable international standards.