Our hosting control panels offers easy access to domain information and a user friendly layout to complete tasks quickly. To access your control panel you need to know your domain name and web hosting password provided when successfully signed up.

To log into your web hosting control panel go to htt://mail.domainname.com (e.g. http://mail.manuelcorp.com)

Web Hosting Control Panel - Manuel Corp

Domain Details:

View your web hosting package’s vital statistics with an option to forward these details to an email address of your choice.

  • Hosting package
  • Database quota
  • Disk Usage
  • Email account quota
  • Multiple Domain quota
  • FTP user quota
Web Hosting Services from Manuel Corp

Manage Services:

  • Add new hosting packages or additional hosting features, parked domains and more
  • Manipulate domain records
  • Manage and access FTP details and FTP user accounts
  • File Manager
  • Restore Backup
  • Manage MySQL
  • Customise your webserver configuration (Protect Directory, Index Manager, Redirects, Custom Error Pages & IP Blocker)
  • Setup and manage Cronjobs
  • Block and unblock domains
  • Domain Transfer Manager
  • Terminate package
  • Configure PHP directives

Statistics and Reports:

  • Disk Usage
  • Traffic usage
  • Error logs
  • Statistics


  • SiteBuilder: manage content and packages
  • Install WordPress


  • Manage Accounts
  • Spam Filter
  • Black / Whitelist
  • Webmail
  • Enable / Disable local Mail delivery
  • Order additional Mailbox
  • Mail Logs