Our crash plan backup service is set to work whether you are a small business with 1 – 100 employees or a family looking to protect your personal data, our online and offline backup options is perfect for you.

Even if you’re extremely business and you step away from your PC or devices, our crash plan backup service is busy working and protecting all your important files. Music, photos and documents are all automatically, continuously protected, so you can get back to whatever life throws your way.


Free local backup

Zero worries about data caps or network speed makes backing up to an external drive the fastest, easiest way to back up – and get back – your files.

Free offsite backup

Offsite backup doesn’t get any friendlier than this. Back up to multiple offsite locations, such as other computers in your network of friends and family, keeping your files safe from disaster at any one location.

Unlimited online backup

Only our backup service gives you all the storage you’ll ever need. No storage size limits, bandwidth caps or file-type restrictions. Enterprise-class hardware and military-grade security come standard, too.

The features keep coming...

Truly Unlimited Options

No storage limits, bandwidth throttling or well-engineered excuses. Whether you require gigabytes or terabytes of online backup, a subscription to our backup service cloud will set you free from file type and size roadblocks. Plus, we’ll never charge you extra to restore your files. They’re yours, after all.

Mobile App Access

Our free mobile app is another reason to give our backup subscriptions a go. Along with continuous protection of your complete digital life, you’ll enjoy ready access to all your computer files from virtually anywhere, at any time. Files at your fingertips and world at your feet—it’s go time.

Security Protection

Manuel Corp backup subscribers can surround their digital life with 448-bit encryption, including a private key option. This rare combination of security measures creates a virtually impenetrable “force field” around your data. What’s more, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure our data centers comply with military-grade security standards and conform to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and fire protection.