There are thousands of web developers out there, promising web design services to die for, with amazing support services to match, but why do thousands of clients always keep looking for the alternative developer or website company or why are other clients just not sure where to go in the first place? The reason we bring this to mind is because we know what’s out there, “online” on the internet, and we’ve been in the web design business far too long to even consider taking our clients’ needs for granted.

One of the first objectives when deciding on a web developer or a web company would be to bring your schematic drawing to life, whether it is on paper, or just talking about it. (If it’s a NEW idea and you not re-inventing the wheel, consider adding some disclaimers before you get going). The World Wide Web is unlimited and the same applies to web development, anything is possible so you need to find someone who understands your website requirements and be able to implement it, perfectly.

Our web designs are created with the intention of user friendly client management and easy cms updating of websites. We create CMS websites which allows our clients to manage every aspect of their website with the click of a button.

A few things to consider when developing your website:

  1. Be very specific and detailed when displaying what your company is offering on your website.
  2. If you plan on creating an e-commerce website, make sure you’ve considered enough space to display all your website specials on your e-commerce website.
  3. Make sure clients can clearly see where your contact details are, and that the navigation to all important aspects of your site is simple and quick.
  4. Make sure you’ve considered all the correct descriptions for your pages, so that your SEO (search engine optimisation) was done correctly.

Our web development is broken down into 2 sections: front end of your website, and the back-end (administrative) section of your website. Your front end is the display your clients will see when going to a specific website, where as the backend we create is the backbone of your website, it’s where all the updates occur online, safe and secure of course.

All web development comes with the following:

  • Detailed core update documentation or
  • 1 hours Skype website training session including
  • 24hr support ticket system

If you ready to trust a web development company with your online presence, contact us now for a free detailed quote within 24hrs. We offer fantastic web design rates and a 24hr support team to assist where needed.

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