Web Development can be expensive, especially if you’re a new small business looking to setup your online website presence and get noticed in the digital market. Manuel Corp understands that your capital grows when your marketing works for you, and this takes time.

SEO and Marketing of your online business is key and requires skilled marketing specialists to manage your online profile. We’ve listened and watched as company’s pic cheaper website design options thinking that this is sufficient to grow their online presence. 80% off those cheap development clients either have no presence online or reap no rewards from the frustrating process they had to endure to get their products online because of the cheaper website developers taking time and shortcuts with your brand and livelihood.

As a preferred digital market and have come up with the following packages to suite any new business needs. These website deals are available as monthly installments over a period of 12 months. Soo what we’ve done is consider your budget, the average small business websites needs and the cost of hosting your business online and created the preferred small business website deal for you.

Ultimate Website Development Package: (R299 p/m for 12 months)

  • 15 Website Pages
  • Template based CMS branded website design
    (We design the template around your branding needs)
  • Contact Us form and page to showcase your business address and details
  • Map and Directions Google Integrated links
  • Easy CMS page editing software to quickly edit or update content pages
  • Standard Google and other search engine integrations when your site goes live
  • Unlimited Email Accounts for your business
  • Corp Max Linux Hosting included in monthly fee (No added hosting needed)
  • SPAM protection on all email accounts
  • Webmail service for all business accounts
Small Business Website Designs paid monthly

Add on services are available to make sure your business reaches as many clients as possible, and also to make sure your business website is indexed and clearly visible in all search engines especially Google.

Google has recently released their new plan to notify clients of any domains deemed not secure because they don’t have a valid SSL / HTTPS domain URL or secure website. You can read more about the importance of this move, but clearly note we’ve kept this in mind with the following add on offers for your business website.

Advanced Online Marketing & SEO: (R249 p/m for 12 months)

This service is perfect for new websites wanting to get their website embedded correctly into Google and other search engines. The service is required to run for 12 months to reach optimal SEO integration. A monthly report will be sent your way with the work done to date.

  • Keywords Targeted – Target up to 10 primary keywords (based on our analysis), Also target a few variations of each primary keyword, includes local SEO for main products / services
  • xml file – Creation and optimization of sitemap file, which is like a road map for search engines telling them which pages should be indexed and the priority of each page.
  • txt File – Creation and optimization of Robots.txt file which gives the search engines direction in terms of what files to index and which should not be indexed and ranked.
  • Keyword Analysis – Analysis of the most popular keywords used in your industry and the approximate number of times that keyword is searched for.
  • Competitor Analysis – We analyze who your competitors are in your industry, analyze their websites and identify their online marketing strategies and keywords used – in efforts to optimize your website accordingly.
  • Onsite-Optimization – Optimization of each and every page on your website as well as editing the HTML code of each page which assists in driving traffic and ranking well on search engines. Optimization of primary and secondary keywords and includes Internal link building ie: linking the various pages to relevant content within your site.
  • Off-site Optimization – Seeking high traffic websites (preferably in your industry) and listing your website there. This assists in building credibility of your website (from a search engine perspective in terms of being relevant), driving traffic, increasing online brand reputation and ranking on search engines.
  • Website Analytics & Tools – Implementation of an Analytics Programme to analyze the performance of your website – to track where visitors are coming from, going to, and the reasons for their behavior on your website. Other online tools will be implemented, when necessary i.e.: if there is a huge drop-off on visitors when applying for your product on a certain step of the online application process.
  • Monthly SEO Reporting – We will send you monthly reports on your website performance on the various search engines. This will include your website visibility, and shows you the actual rank of each keyword that is being targeted on the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Creation of AdWords account – This won’t be active unless you consider marketing paid advertising.
  • Google Business Map Setup – Setup your online presence with a Google map direct to your office and location with key information.
  • SSL Certificate Setup and Server Upgrade – This is done to secure your site and inform Google of your sites safety and security features to protect your clients from any harm.

If you considering selling products online whether it’s digital products or the selling of physical products via an online shop, with the capabilities of using a secure credit card payment service provider, we’ve got you covered there too. This option is available but you’ll need to get in touch with us to run through your exact online shop requirements. Don’t be shy, your online website success story is around the corner, and always great dinner conversation when you look back and realize you’ve done this right the first time around.

*No RICA or Credit Checks are needed for this offer, but you will be held liable for all costs after signup. Terms and Conditions Apply, E&OE